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Back when my brother and I were a formidable traveling duo, Dave would always ask other chefs where they liked to eat. This, he believed, cut the most direct path to the culinary soul of any city. Of course chefs know more about their culinary scene than anyone. And they understand that their answer to this question is a testament to their own tastes and values; it's a serious question for a chef.

We make a point to build personal relationships with our winemakers. Just as we do our other farmers and producers. And I find myself following my brother's lead and asking winemakers about their favorite wines. What wines matter to the winemaking community? What wines matter to the winemaker's I adore? Who inspired and influenced them? Who do they respect? And why? 

This is the thrust of Vine of the Eight. Ours is a wine club where winemakers curate the wines. Each month we choose a wine from one of our favorite winemakers. The chosen winemaker then selects the rest of the lineup for the club. Members are invited to a live video tasting with the winemaker after the wines are sent out. I introduce the headline winemaker and explain why I find the wine so praiseworthy and important. And then our winemaker explains and tastes their own picks. Easy. Lovely. Yes.

The club is limited to 12 members. This is because many of the selections which are submitted to us are very limited. And we don't want to restrict our winemakers' options to wines which are available at quantity.

The cost of the club is 300 per month, for which members receive 3-6 bottles. There is no long-term commitment at this time. But any member that does not roll their subscription into the next month will lose their spot to the next person on the waitlist, and will move to the back of the queue. Anyone on the waitlist who declines an open position will also move to the back of the queue.

If you wish to join the waitlist, please submit the form below. 

Many Thanks,
Ian, Dave, Kate, Janice + Crew

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